Glock Mag Rebuild

How to rebuild your Glock magazines:
Just follow the simple four steps outlined below and make your mags like new with everything that you need in the rebuild kit by GlockParts.


Hold the magazine in your left hand oriented as shown to the below. Hold the Glock armorer's tool in your right hand. Insert the tool through the hole in the floor plate. Push it down all the way while pulling the tool to the right.


Pull the tool to the right until the floor plate comes off. Be careful of the spring coming out.


Remove the spring, follower, and insert. Replace the spring, follower, and insert with the new parts.


Replace the follower onto the spring. Insert them into the mag tube. Place the insert on the top of the spring . Slide the floor plate on until the nipple on the insert fits into the hole on the floor plate. (SHOULD CLICK IN)